The Artist of Creation

I am always in awe over Creation. My grandson, brought a big Praying Mantis in to the house to show to me, today. What a fascinating little green creature. When I put my finger down near him, he turned his little triangular-shaped head and looked at it, then looked away.

I also hung my bedding on the clothesline. I have a very capable dryer but there is something about the smell of bedding that has been hung on a line... I never fail to sleep deeply when I sleep in fresh sun-dried bedding!

While I was in the back yard, a beautiful yellow swallowtail butterfly was flitting about and landing on my flowering Lantana bush. Lantana can grow like a weed and overtake everything so much so, that I have thought about getting rid of them, but the butterflies love them, so I will keep the Lantana, because that means I can keep the butterflies, too.

I have very fond memories of high school days while walking over two miles from school to my home in the fall. Autumn is a favorite time of the year. The fresh scent of aging yellow and orange leaves filled the air. Their rustling in the breeze, while yet clinging to the branch before fluttering to the ground, still resonates in my mind's ear. I love Creation and I love being aware of the wonder of its magnitude, its beauty, its perfection. 

When I am out in nature, I find that I not only enjoy Creation, but I also marvel at the wonder of my Creator God. What magnificence He displays! Every season has its beauty, the budding of the leaves in spring, the wind-blown waves of the fields of wheat in summer, the purity of the white of winter's snow, but autumn is the most splendid for me. It can be so easily taken for granted.

I want to always remain amazed by the wonder of it.

For me, in nature is the best place where I can ponder life and experience the Artist of it all.

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