Send Your Rain

Once, as we drove into eastern Washington, we could see the dry arid desert region as you near Yakima. There was nothing but acres and acres of desert sage brush. It got me thinking about “spring and autumn rains” of the Lord. Without his Spirit (rain) poured out on us, we dry up and become a wasteland. You could see the value of “rain” as we drove; the difference between fruitful land and wasteland with no productivity.

When the Lord pours out His rain, His Spirit, it is amazing how the productivity for the Kingdom of God erupts! Lord, we so desire your rain! Let it RAIN, Lord! We need YOU – We need your Presence, We need your Spirit! We can do nothing in and of ourselves without YOU! We want to be productive for You and for Your Kingdom! We don't want to be a wasteland. We want to be fruitful for Your Kingdom. YOU love people, Lord! YOU want people to be saved from death and destruction! It is You and You alone who can pull people from a wasted (wasteland) life! Jesus, come in Your power! We want You and we desire You!

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